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2IN1 Screen Cleaner(Spray with Cleaning Liquid)

2IN1 Screen Cleaner(Spray with Cleaning Liquid)

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Spray all in one, carry screen cleaner
It is both a bottle of detergent and a cloth, and the screen is clean with one spray and one wipe
Fiber flannel, good water absorption, a light wipe is clean, no water stains
Wide angle atomization nozzle, spray delicate, light pressure sprinkler, mist spray, liquid does not flow
Good formula defoging strong, strong cleansing factor, strong decontamination, and a light fragrance
Safe formula, do not hurt the screen, rest assured to clean each screen


Material:  PP + cleaning liquid
Cleaning solution ingredients: deionized purified water, surfactant
Cleaning solution content: about 19ML
Scope of application: applicable to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TV screens, etc
Color: Gray
Quantity: 1


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